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Studying Portugal

FAQ: Study in Portugal

Have you thought about studying at one of the best European universities? Portugal has well-known and reputable universities for any expat to study.

Porto Scenery Portugal

The Perks of Marrying Portugal

In this article we analyze some advantages related to the move to Portugal. This country offers many small joys. Check it out here.

Hospital Lisbon

What expats need to know about the Public Health System in Portugal

Get to know the most important aspects related to healthcare in Portugal. Health services can be outstanding in Portugal.

Portugal Coast

Top cities to live in Portugal for Expats

in this article we’ll analyze the best cities to live in Portugal for expats. Which city has the best cost of living? Let’s find out.

Lisbon Landscape

FAQ: What expats need to know about Portugal

If you have questions related to living in Portugal as an expat, this article was made for you. We answer the most popular question to help expats in Portugal.

Freelancing in Portugal

FAQ: Working as a Freelancer in Portugal

Working in Portugal as a freelancer is a way of legally residing in this country …

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How to get legal when in Portugal?

Procedures for regularizing the situation of immigrants who are already in Portugal. Expression of Interest process and others.


FAQ: Taxation in Portugal

Today we are going to talk about one of the most requested topics for those …


FAQ: Real Estate in Portugal

In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions related to real estate in Portugal. If you intend to buy a property in this country, this reading is mandatory.