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Portugal has attracted the attention of the world due to the easiness to start a business in this country.

Companies like Google, Volkswagen, Bosch, Cisco, among other giants in the technology field already have operations in Portugal.

This scenario can also be verified due to Portuguese working conditions, policies to encourage development, high level of education of Portuguese professionals, among other factors.

Do not waste time. Come invest in Portugal.

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Questions & Answers

Do I need a visa to develop a business in Portugal?

If you’re a citizen who own a valid EU, Schengen or Switzerland identity (European citizenship) you won’t need a visa to develop a business in Portugal, but only the European Union Citizen Certificate.

Otherwise, you’ll need to apply for a visa, that may be the D2 Visa or a the Startup Visa.

For more information information about the requirements to develop a business in Portugal, click here.

What documents are required to start a business?

If you don’t need a visa to develop a business in Portugal, you must follow the standard procedure to establish a company.

Among the activities that need to be carried out, we can emphasize to following:

  • Create a company
  • Hire an accountant
  • Obtain authorization to develop the activity
  • Register the company at Finance and Social Security

If you do need a visa, there are other documents you’ll need to collect in order to start your business.

E.g.: If you apply for a D2 Visa, you will need to develop a Business Plan.

If you need any guidance to obtain the needed documents to start your business, Viv Europe can assist you.

What are the costs associated with developing a business?

By starting a business you’ll have to spend some money to develop its structure.

Among the costs, the entrepreneur will have to bear the:

  • Creating of a company(~400€)
  • Hiring an accountant (~200€)
  • Renting or buying a property
  • Hiring staff
  • Collecting taxes

In short, the process of developing a business can be costly, but the returns can also be attractive.

For a in-depth analysis of the costs related to developing a business, click here.

Can I transfer my already created business to Portugal?

Yes, you can.

Nevertheless, if you need a visa to develop a business in Portugal, you will have to apply for it considering the existing structure.

It will also be possible to develop a franchise in Portugal going through this same procedure.

What is the minimum capital amount to develop a business?

Depending on the type of business, different investment sizes will be required.

For a service-focused business, considering the situation in which the partner himself will develop the service, a minimum amount of 15,000€ would be a reasonable capital to start the procedure.

For a more specific analysis of the required capital to start your business in Portugal (or any other related question), please fill out our form by clicking here.

How can Viv Europe provide assistance to develop my business?

Viv Europe can help you with the whole process of developing your business in Portugal.

If you need a prior authorization to start the procedure, we will assist you to obtain the most suitable visa.

For that, Viv Europe can carry out market research and also the Business Plan.

Also, all legal documents that are required to start the development of the activity will also be obtained by Viv Europe.

Among the required documents we can highlight:

  • Social Pact
  • Opened activity at the Tax Authority
  • Registration at Finance and Social Security
  • Activity Certification