Do I Need a Visa?

Yes, if you do not have a European citizenship, you will need to follow the procedure to obtain your visa in order to reside in Portugal.

There are several visa options, according to your reason to move to Portugal.

Among the activities that can grant you a visa, we can highlight the study, work, business development and even if you want to enjoy your retirement.

Let us assist you throughout this process.

Select Your Visa

Study Visa

The D4 Visa is aimed for those who plan to study in a Portuguese Educational Institution. This is one of the best ways to start your new phase in Portugal.

Income Visa

The D7 Visa is the best solution for people who have a passive income, such as retirement, financial investments, property rental, among others.

Business Visa

The D2 Visa is the option for those who want to develop a business in Portugal. This country is the perfect place to put your business plans in action.

Freelance Visa

Developing a job as an independent professional is a way to apply for a visa for Portugal. People for the IT industry can certainly take advantage of this process.

Work Visa

The D1 Visa is an interesting way of legally residing in Portugal. After obtaining the Employment Contract the applicant will be able to apply for this visa.

Student Book

Study in Portugal

Portuguese universities are internationally recognized for their tradition, structure and quality.

Studying at these institutions can make a difference in your professional career.

Admission to a university can be a gateway to your dream job in Portugal.

Finally, the study visa is in high demand due to the simplified procedure for obtaining it.

Income and Retirement

Portugal is often elected as one of the best places to live for retired people.

In addition to natural beauty and cultural diversity, this country has the needed attributes for an excellent quality of life, with safety and low cost of life.

To profit all these benefits, you’ll have to apply for the D7 visa, that can also be granted to citizens holding passive income.

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Start a Business

If you are looking for a place to develop a business, there is no need to search anymore.

Portugal has a consumer market that has been growing rapidly in recent years, mainly due to the arrival of immigrants and the increase in the number of tourists.

As a consequence of this scenario, many types of businesses are shown to be viable and profitable in Portugal.

Also, even if the company is physically located in Portugal, it will be easy to do business with countries that comprises the European Union without incurring additional fees or taxes.

Work in Portugal

Portugal has evolved a lot in terms of professional career in recent years, mainly in the technological area.

For this reason, many new job opportunities are being created every day.

Obviously, traditional careers such as Law, Engineering, Administration and Medicine are also highly valued in this country.

The procedure for obtaining a work visa can be complex, but the result is worth it.