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Why Portugal?


Who We Are

Viv Europe was created by professionals in the areas of Law, Engineering and Commercial, who shared the same passion for Portugal.

Our currently multidisciplinary team is made up of professionals from different nationalities and experiences, that will reflect on the services quality.

We are headquartered in Braga, one of Portugal’s fastest growing cities in recent years, and we also have presence in Portugal big regions, such as Porto, Lisbon and Algarve.

We work hard to make people’s Portugal project a reality.

Our Numbers

+ 12
years of experience of its professionals
+ 15
different countries where we've applied for visas to Portugal
+ 15
partner institutions
+ 3
offices in Portugal

Our team

Giselle Leite

Giselle Leite

Immigration and Corporate Assistant

Giselle makes projects come true. She is responsible for creating the best corporate structure for your business. She will make your company reach the stars.

Artur Peixoto

Artur Peixoto

Project Manager

Artur our engineer. He has more than 20 years of expertise in developing projects in the Real Estate sector. If you’re interested in investing in Portugal, you can count on him.

Bruna Santos

Bruna Santos

Immigration Assistant

Bruna is our newest assistant. She is definitely the most organized person on earth. You don’t need to worry about documents when you’re around her.

José Machado

José Machado

Commercial Director

Machado is our commercial guy. If you have an idea for Portugal, he can turn it into a real business. He knows what Portugal needs and will help make your business prosper.

Victor Calegare

Victor Queiroz

Immigration Assistant

If you need help in the process of moving to Portugal, Victor is at your disposal. He has helped people from all over the world to smoothly settle down in Portugal.

Letícia Melo

Letícia Melo

Marketing Specialist

If you need any information related to Portugal, Lea is the person to ask for. She knows all about this beautiful country and can help you reach your relocation goals.

Clients All Over The World

United Kingdom

Many of Viv Europe’s clients are from the UK. The reasons for Britains to choose Portugal may vary, but the connections between this country and Portugal comes from long ago.

United States

Many Americans choose Viv Europe because of the company’s expertise in assisting people from the US. What certainly makes Portugal a first-rate country for Americans is its calm and peaceful environment.

South Africa

Our South African friends also enjoy working with Viv Europe, and the feeling is mutual. Many smiley clients have become residents in Portugal with our help and we are very happy about that.


Our Pakistani clients are certainly very special for us. What we found out is that a satisfied Pakistani client will likely bring others clients for you. 


Brazil is, and always will be, located in the company’s heart, and so does our fellow Brazilian clients.


Canadians often look to Portugal as a place for retirement. Like Canada, Portugal offers peace and quiet for the elderly.


Our fellow Indian buddies usually choose Portugal to develop their business. Some of them decided to open small grocery stores, digital services assistance, retail stores and also Indian traditional restaurants.

South Korea

Oh yes, we’ve come a long way reaching Asian countries. South Koreans sometimes look to Portugal as a place to retire in Europe. The low cost of living, the welcoming people and the good weather attract these fellow citizens.


We can never forget our French clients. Although they are usually not interested in a Portuguese visa, they are certainly attracted to Portuguese real estate and its business environment.



My experience with Viv Europe was excellent. Victor, Giselle and the team were very professional and well mannered. They made the D7 process less stressful. Victor was very easy to reach as well, and he will answer any questions that you have. I definitely and highly recommend their immigration service.

Christian N.
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