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With Viv Europe your relocation plans to Portugal will become a reality! 

More than 100 families already started their process with Viv Europe. You can be the next one.


Relocation to Portugal made easy

You can trust Viv Europe to assist you with every little detail related to your move to Portugal.

Our experts will carry out all services that you need to smoothly settle up in Portugal.

Whether you want to apply for a visa, obtain a tax number, open a bank account or purchase a property in Portugal, Viv Europe has its experts available to help you through this process.

Our services

Viv Europe can handle all of the process related to your move to Portugal, such as:

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Why Portugal?

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Peace of mind

Moving to the fourth safest country in the world, according to Global Peace Index 2021 and the Institute for Economics & Peace.

save money

Cost of living

Living in Portugal is making the most of your money. Not only you will pay less for your daily affairs, almost all of the public services are nearly free.

Beautiful places

With amazing landscapes such as the Algarve beaches, the Douro valley and the Peneda-Gerês green areas, Portugal has a lot to impress you.

All digital process

Forget about sending emails and waiting for days to be answered, if ever.

With Viv Europe you will have a personal digital environment where you will be notified about every update related to your process.

But of course, if you prefer, it is possible to communicate via email or WhatsApp. It’s up to you.

About us

Viv Europe is an all-in-one company focused on helping people from all over the world move to Portugal easily.

Our company can assist you no matter where you want to establish yourself in Portugal, whether in the north, center or south regions.  Our lawyers will be waiting for you.

We have what it takes to facilitate your visa application, property acquisition and all the activities necessary for a full relocation to Portugal.

If you are looking for a company to be your one stop shop for your move to Portugal, you have just found it.


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Clients around the world

Viv Europe has made Portugal a more diversified place by helping people for around the world moving to this country, such as those from the:


Lynette Pereira


Mar 20, 2022

Our journey to Portugal

Viv Europe has helped us in our journey to obtain our Portugal residence using the D7 pathway. It was a challenging experience but with the help of Viv Europe the process was simplified and structured.

Victor, Giselle and Bruna were very professional and helped us with the numerous queries we had. I am grateful for their help and support and would recommend their services to those seeking a pathway for Portugal residence.

Glen Swafford


Nov 4, 2021

Good experience with Viv Europe

Viv Europe made my D7 process much smoother. My application was a little complicated because I was applying from a third country where I had lived for many years. The pandemic added more complications and led to some rules being changed at the last minute. Having their guidance helped me feel more assured that I was gathering and submitting the right documents in the right way, etc. (…)

Mike Croft


Nov 4, 2021

Family reunification

viv-europe – especially in consultations with Victor Queiroz, and later his colleague Giselle Leite – has been outstanding in its kindness and willingness to stand by my partner and I, helping with documentation and obtaining an appointment for my partner’s SEF application. Without viv-europe’s help, I do not think we could have achieved his residency in Portugal through the family reunification process. I strongly recommend them for their reliability, trustfulness and kindness. Our contact with them goes back to late 2019.”

Preeta Sethi


Oct 15, 2021

"Thank You Victor Queiroz and the team…

“Thank You Victor Queiroz and the team at Viv Europe for helping me with settling in Portugal, the7 handled all documentation and provided all related information that I needed. With their support and patience and dedication I felt more confident. They have answered all of my questions. So thank you and hope to continue with this partnership.”

Erta Skenderi Progonati


Feb 10, 2022

I had a fantastic experience with Viv…

I had a fantastic experience with Viv Europe, everybody I talked to was eager to help and responded in a very timely manner. I would totally recommend them, especially Victor.

Gaudencio Funtanilla


Nov 4, 2021

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended!
I applied for the Portugal D7 visa from Washington, DC, USA, and I got it without any problems. Victor’s team reviewed my documents and made recommendations before I submitted them to VFS Global (private company contracted by Portuguese embassy to process visa applications). I received my D7 visa within weeks. (…)

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