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Why Portugal?


Who We Are

Viv Europe was created by professionals in the areas of Law, Engineering and Commercial, who shared the same love for Portugal.

Our currently multidisciplinary team is made up of professionals from different nationalities and experiences.

We are located in Braga, one of Portugal’s fastest growing cities in recent years.

We work hard to make people’s Portugal project a reality.

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Our team


Victor Queiroz

Immigration Lawyer

Victor is a lawyer registered at the Portuguese and Brazilian Bar Association. With over 10 years of experience, he completed a post-graduation course in Real Estate Law, Business Management and Contract and Corporate Law.

Artur Peixoto

Product Director

Artur is a civil engineer. He worked for more than 20 years in the construction industry. He is also an entrepreneur and commercial manager. He has a postgraduate degree in Real Estate Management.

José Machado

Commercial Director

José Machado is a Portuguese and Angolan citizen and has over 20 years of experience in the commercial sector. He worked in several business, with emphasis on the real estate area. He holds a master’s degree in contract and company law.

Dr. Giselle Leite

Giselle Leite

Immigration Lawyer

Giselle is a lawyer registered at the Portuguese and Brazilian Bar Association, with LLM in Capital Markets at IBMEC Business School. She has over 15 years of practice in business law, having provided services to some of the largest construction, oil and gas companies.

Clients From Everywhere

United Kingdom

Many of Viv Europe’s clients are from the UK. The reasons for Britains to choose Portugal may vary, but the connections between this country and Portugal comes from long ago.

United States

Many Americans choose Viv Europe because of the company’s expertise in assisting people from the United States. What certainly makes Portugal a first-rate country for Americans is its calm and tranquility environment.

South Africa

Our South African friends also enjoy working with Viv Europe, and the feeling is mutual. Many smiley clients have become residents in Portugal with our help and we are very happy about that.


Our Pakistani clients are certainly one of our best assets because they trust our services. What we found out is that a satisfied Pakistani customer will likely bring others clients for you. Thank you all!


Brazil is, and always will be, located in the company’s heart, and so does our fellow Brazilian clients. Most brazucas choose Portugal as this is one of the most safe places in the world.


Canadians often look to Portugal as a place for retirement. Like Canada, Portugal offers peace and quiet for the elderly. Besides, being in Europe is always an advantage.


Our fellow Indian buddies usually choose Portugal to develop their business in this country. Some of them decided to open small grocery stores, digital services assistance, retail stores and also Indian traditional restaurants.

South Korea

Oh yes, we’ve come a long way reaching Asian countries. South Koreans sometimes look to Portugal as a place to retire in Europe. The low cost of living, the welcoming people and the good weather attract these fellow citizens.


We can never forget our French friends. Although they are usually not interested in a Portuguese visa, they are certainly attracted to Portuguese real estate and its business environment.


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