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You can trust Viv Europe to assist you with every little detail related to your move to Portugal.

Our experts will carry out all services that you need to smoothly settle up in Portugal.

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Viv Europe can handle all of the process related to your move to Portugal, such as:

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Why Portugal?

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Peace of mind

Moving to the fourth safest country in the world, according to Global Peace Index 2021 and the Institute for Economics & Peace.

save money

Cost of life

Living in Portugal is making the most of your money. Not only you will pay less for your daily affairs, almost all of the public services are nearly free.

Beautiful places

With amazing landscapes such as the Algarve beaches, the Douro valley and the Peneda-Gerês green areas, Portugal has a lot to impress you.

All digital process

Forget about sending emails and wait for days to be answered, if ever.

With Viv Europe you will have a personal digital environment where you will be notified about every update related to your process.

But if prefer, the communication can also be conducted by email or WhatsApp. It’s up to you.

Our team

Giselle Leite

Giselle Leite

Giselle makes plans come true. She is responsible for, among other tasks, creating the best corporate structure for your business.

Artur Peixoto

Artur Peixoto

Artur is our engineer. He has more than 20 years of expertise in developing projects in the Real Estate sector.

Celso Freitas

Celso is our immigration and tax advisor. Do you want to save your precious money in the process of moving to Portugal? He is the right person to help you.

Laila Rodrigues

Laila Rodrigues

Laila is our marketing manager. She knows the needs of our audience and will reach out them beautifully.

Victor Calegare

Victor Queiroz

If you need help in the process of moving to Portugal, Victor is at your disposal. He has helped people from all over the world to smoothly settle down in Portugal.

Letícia Melo

Letícia Melo

If you need any information related to Portugal, Lea is the person to ask for. She knows all about this beautiful country and can help you reach your relocation goals.

Bruna Santos

Bruna Santos

Bruna is our newest assistant. She is definitely the most organized person on earth. You don’t need to worry about documents when she is around.

José Machado

José Machado

Machado is is charge of the commercial department. If you have an idea for Portugal, he can turn it into a real business.

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Clients around the world

Viv Europe has made Portugal a more diversified place by helping people for around the world moving to this country, such as those from the:

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