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Welcome to Viv Europe, where our passion is to make a remarkable difference in the relocation industry and beyond.

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Our Story

In 2020, we embarked on a mission that was more than just offering a relocation service; it was about being a beacon of hope for individuals and families embarking on the thrilling yet complex adventure of starting a new life in Portugal.

Our philosophy has always been deeply personal and human-centric, with a recognition that each person’s story is distinct and precious.

We swell with pride when I think about the more than 600 families we’ve had the privilege to assist in finding their new homes.

The heartfelt feedback from our satisfied clients is the fuel that keeps me going. Tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of each client, from handling the intricate paperwork and insurance matters to providing assistance with real estate and related services, we’ve felt the weight of these life-altering decisions right alongside them.

With innovation at the heart of everything we do, we’ve embraced technology to ensure that the journey of relocation is as smooth and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. This combination of a personal touch with tech-savvy solutions has not only been the cornerstone of our success but has also driven our expansion.

In 2023, we took a significant step by extending our services to Spain, opening a new chapter in our story of growth and trust.

At Viv Europe, our commitment has never wavered: to continue growing, innovating, and, most importantly, making a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of our clients during one of their most crucial transitions.

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Let’s embark on this adventure together.

About the Business

At the heart of our mission lies a bold commitment to simplify the journey of relocating to Europe, covering all aspects of the journey. We aspire to revolutionize the relocation experience by offering a person-based, comprehensive, streamlined service that caters to all aspects of the move.


Our mission is to empower people globally to seamlessly transition into their new European life, turning the complexities of relocation into a simple, exciting journey. We provide expert guidance, personalized services, and innovative solutions, making the daunting process of moving to Europe an accessible and enriching experience. With us, starting a new chapter in Europe is not just a dream, but an enjoyable and achievable reality.


Our vision is to create a world where borders fade away, making European countries accessible and welcoming to all.

By integrating advanced technology, expert knowledge, and comprehensive support in immigration, real estate, corporate, and tax matters, we aspire to redefine the essence of global mobility.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity and compliance, ensuring transparency in every action. Our approach is grounded in honesty, fostering trust through open and realistic communication. We specialize in innovative, personalized relocation solutions, tailored to each individual’s unique journey. Central to our ethos is a deep respect for cultural diversity, valuing and celebrating every perspective in our global community.


Why You Should Consider Our Services?

Localized Expertise: With a presence in every region of Portugal, we provide localized expertise and unparalleled support, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all relocation needs.

Exceptional Client Relationships: Our dedication to professional service delivery is reflected in our high client rating scores, showcasing our commitment to exceptional client experiences.

Advanced Technological Infrastructure: Our robust operational structure includes advanced technology integration, featuring user-friendly apps, a dedicated client portal, and streamlined processes through automation.

Flexible Service Approach: Our hybrid service model combines the best of both worlds, offering personalized, face-to-face assistance alongside efficient digital service options, catering to varied client preferences.

Comprehensive Immigration Services: We go beyond basic relocation support by offering integrated services that include property rental and acquisition, as well as expert accounting services, simplifying the immigration process.

Our Team

The Heart and Soul of Viv Europe! We are a diverse group of passionate professionals, each bringing a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and warmth to the table.


Victor Queiroz

CEO and Project Manager

From Brazil to Portugal, Victor started the company by structuring our business, infusing it with his unique blend of passion and strategic thinking.

Artur Peixoto

Artur Peixoto

Project Engineer

With a keen analytical mind, Artur has revolutionized our Real Estate services, offering innovative investment solutions that have become key to our success.

Atin Bhutani

Atin Bhutani

Business Advisor

Bringing a warm and analytical approach from India, Atin expertly navigates the financial landscape of our company, ensuring efficiency and fiscal responsibility.

Ivan Oconnel

Ivan McAdam O'connell

Growth Advisor

A recent yet vital addition, Ivan’s focus is on scaling our presence into new markets, bringing fresh ideas and strategies to drive our global expansion.


Barbara Souza

Sales Manager 

Known for her politeness and client-centric approach, Barbara ensures that every client interaction is a positive and memorable experience.

Veronica Silva

Veronica Silva

Sales Representative

Veronica excels in providing detailed and helpful information, guiding clients through the complexities of relocation with ease and expertise.


Matheus Freitas

Client Manager

Friendly and knowledgeable, Matheus has a natural talent for making the relocation process a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

Rita Souza

Rita Souza

Client Support

Rita’s role is pivotal in expressing our gratitude and appreciation to clients, ensuring they feel valued and understood throughout their journey with us.

Daniela Castro

Daniela Castro

External Support

Daniela brings expert knowledge and a reassuring presence to the relocation process, consistently delivering reliable and skilled support to our clients.


Laila Rodrigues

Marketing Manager

Hailing from Brazil, Laila leads our marketing efforts with a creative and results-driven approach, constantly seeking new ways to engage our audience.

Maryam Siddiqui

Marketing Analyst

Maryam is instrumental in crafting compelling content and strategies, playing a crucial role in enhancing our marketing initiatives and brand visibility.

Katie Dillon

Social Media Specialist

With her finger on the pulse of digital trends, Katie masterfully manages our social media platforms, ensuring our online presence is vibrant and engaging.


Carla Luz

External Support

Hailing from Brazil, Laila leads our marketing efforts with a creative and results-driven approach, constantly seeking new ways to engage our audience.

Clients Testimonials

Discover the experiences of our valued clients through their heartfelt testimonials

Rafa P.
Rafa P.
Nov 15, 2023
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The level of service was incredible! Your dedicated lawyer is very much attentive to your case. They respond quickly to any questions and they provide helpful advice in a friendly and patient manner. It really seems they go above and beyond to help their clients. Beyond the great service, the team really understands the immigration laws so they prepare you well and in some ways over prepare you, to make sure there are no loose ends...
Richard W.
Richard W.
Sept 18, 2023
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Moving to Europe (Portugal) isn't something easy and the process is long and daunting for us. Our experience with you allowed us to somewhat relax and know that all the details would be taken care of. The nearly immediate response to our questions, however, silly they might of seemed, were never the less answered promptly. Thanks you again for assisting us to make our dream of moving to Lagos Portugal a reality!!
Rafa P.
Rafa P.
Sept 19, 2023
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The service provided is personalised. I have never just been a reference number. E mails are answered promptly. The different processes were explained clearly and any follow up points dealt with quickly. The team at Viv Europe know their stuff and are professional and hardworking. I would recommend their services to anybody considering moving to Portugal.
Renee S.
Renee S.
Nov 15, 2023
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Viv Europe provided excellent services as I navigated the visa and residency permit process in Portugal. They are professional and very knowledgeable about each step of the process. They provided detailed checklists and reviewed the documents. They also helped us rent a fabulous apartment in our desired location. Not an easy feat here in Portugal. I am truly grateful to Viv Europe team. I highly recommend them without any reservations. Muito Obrigada team Viv Europe!

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