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Family together

Expat family in Portugal: how to make adaptation easier for everyone

Moving abroad is complex, but taking the entire family is a challenge. Check out these adaptation tips for your expat family in Portugal.

Passport to Portugal

Business visa or Passive Income visa? Choosing between the D2 and D7 visa to Portugal

Is it better to apply for a Business visa or passive income visa to Portugal? Know the differences between the D2 or D7 visas and plan ahead.


Portugal reaches the highest rate of vaccinated population in the world

With more than 81% of the population fully vaccinated against Covid-19, Portugal is now the …


Top real estate websites in Portugal and tips for buying properties online

Want to buy a property in Southern Europe? Discover the best real estate websites in Portugal for an in-depth online search before investing.

British Postcard

Goodbye UK: 7 reasons why the British move to Portugal

Many British move to Portugal even after Brexit. But what attracts them, and is it really worth relocating? Find out in the complete article.

Indian Objects

How to move from India to Portugal: types of visa and tips for expats

Are you considering moving from India to Portugal? Many Indian nationals are deciding to enjoy …

Stress Free

7 reasons why you should hire an immigration assistance company to move to Portugal

Wondering if hiring a Portugal immigration assistance company is worth it? We’ll give you 7 reasons why you won’t regret getting help to relocate in peace.

Covid Situation

Covid-19 in Portugal: how’s the situation and is it safe to travel?

As the country advances in vaccination and the number of cases remains low, the Portuguese …

Porto Scenery Portugal

Cost of living in Portugal: how much do you need compared to other countries?

Do you want to live in a cheap, safe and beautiful place? It’s possible! Find …