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Living in Porto

Living in Porto: see what it’s like to live in the north of Portugal

Want to know what living in Porto as an expat is like? The north of Portugal attracts people from all over the world. Find out why!

Portugal relocation checklist

Portugal relocation checklist: 10 steps to take before moving

Are you planning on moving to Portugal? Get to know 10 essential steps to take on your Portugal relocation checklist for your peace of mind.

Living in Lisbon

Living in Lisbon: an expat’s point of view of the capital of Portugal

Thinking about living in Lisbon? Expats from around the world are choosing to relocate to the capital of Portugal. Find out why!

Quality of life in Portugal

Quality of life in Portugal: see what it’s like to live in peace

Thinking about moving here? Get to know all about the famous quality of life in Portugal and see if living in the country is really worth it.

Best universities in Portugal

Best universities in Portugal: decide where to study and how to apply

Do you want to study abroad? Know the best universities in Portugal, how to apply, costs and if doing higher education here is worth it.

Deconfinement in Portugal

Portugal enters the last phase of deconfinement in October

Get to know the new rules for deconfinement in Portugal starting October 1st now the pandemic is slowing down and hopes are high.

Autumn Fall in Portugal

Fall in Portugal: see what autumn is like and the best things to do

Are you planning to experience fall in Portugal? The cold and romantic season gives the country a new color. Find out what autumn is like here.

Best workplaces in Portugal

The 10 best workplaces in Portugal: the latest ranking and tips to succeed

Are you planning on living and working in Portugal? Check out the latest ranking of the best workplaces in Portugal and start thinking about your next job.

Living in the Algarve

Living in the Algarve: all about sunny southern Portugal for expats

Wondering if living in the Algarve is worth it for expats? Find out all about the sunny southern region of Portugal and plan your relocation.