Privacy Policy

Viv Europe comply with General Data Protection Regularion (GDPR) and will only carry out its activities in accordance with its guidelines.

Collection of personal information

The following types of personal information can be collected, stored and used:

Before disclosing another person’s personal information to Viv Europe, the user must obtain that person’s consent for the disclosure and processing of that personal information in accordance with this policy.

Use of your personal information

The personal information sent to Viv Europe through the website will be used for the purposes specified in this policy.

Viv Europe may use personal information in the following cases:

If the user submits personal information for publication on our website, we will publish and use that information in accordance with the license granted.

Without your express consent, we will not provide your personal information to third parties for the purposes of direct marketing by them or third parties.

Disclosure of personal information

We may disclose your personal information:

We will only provide personal information to third parties if they comply with this policy.

Use of information by third parties

Personal information published or sent for publication on Viv Europe’s website may be available to anyone, via the internet. Viv Europe cannot prevent the use or misuse of such information by third parties.

Retention of personal information

Data retention policies and procedures are designed to ensure compliance with Viv Europe’s legal obligations.

Personal information processed by Viv Europe for any purpose should not be kept any longer than necessary for that purpose.

Notwithstanding the other provisions, we will retain documents (including electronic documents) that contain personal data in the following cases:

Viv Europe will delete the applicant’s personal data as long as there is an express request to that effect. In this case, the applicant must identify himself as such, in accordance with this policy.

Security of your personal information

We will take appropriate technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.

We will store all of your personal information provided in secure customer management (CRM) applications, protected by password and firewall.

All electronic financial transactions relating to our services are carried out and managed by companies with an excellent reputation in the market and are protected in accordance with their respective Privacy Policies.


Viv Europe may update this policy periodically by publishing a new version on the website.

The user should check this page occasionally to ensure that he understands any changes to this policy.

Viv Europe will notify you of material changes to this policy by email or on the website.

Viv Europe comply with General Data Protection Regularion (GDPR) and will only carry out its activities in accordance with its guidelines.

Your rights

The user may request to provide any personal information we hold about him; the provision of such information will be subject to the following:

Viv Europe may retain the requested personal information to the extent permitted by law.

The user may instruct Viv Europe, at any time, not to process his personal information for marketing purposes.

Third party sites

The website includes links to and details of third party websites. Viv Europe has no control and / or responsibility for the privacy policies and practices of third parties.

All contacts regarding this policy or any other related matter can be made via email [email protected].

Withdrawal Policy


The user may withdraw from the purchase of the service at any time, without penalty, provided that he has not signed the Service Delivery Agreement.

After signing the Service Delivery Agreement, all rights and duties of the Parties will be provided for in this document.

In addition to the contract, the relationship established by the parties will also be regulated by the legislation applicable to the specific case.

In any event, the user will have the right to withdraw from the contracted service if he informs Viv Europe by e-mail ([email protected]), as long as the effective reception of the service is proven, within a period of 7 (seven) working days contracting date.

If the withdrawal occurs after the said period, the Parties must observe their rights and obligations in accordance with the contractual conditions.

The party cannot request the withdrawal if the service is completed before the mentioned period.


If the user withdraws within 7 (seven) days, he will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid as fees.

If part of the amount paid has been used to carry out initial steps in the process (such as expenses with transportation, payment of fees, hiring dispatchers, etc.), this amount will not be refunded.

In the event of withdrawal after the aforementioned period, the Parties must observe the conditions of the Service Provision Agreement to deal with any refund of amounts.