Connecting you with the best tenants and landlords

Working with the Portuguese Real Estate Market is incredibly challenging as the demand for properties is growing fastly.

Here in Viv Europe we can connect tenants to landlords and conduct the required paperwork to complete Real Estate transaction, with no hassle.

Our specialists will be delighted to present you with the best that Portugal has to offer in the real estate sector.

How we can help

For Property Owners

1st Owners


We will review all of the property's information to make sure that it's well registered in Portugal agencies.


Now it's time to put you in touch with the best possible tenants (Viv Europe's clients).


After connecting the tenant to the landlord, Viv Europe will conduct the procedures to close the deal.

For Property Seekers



Searching for a property throughout Portugal, according to your preferences.



After choosing the property, it's time to collect all the important documents for the transaction.



Rest assured that we will look for the best agreement conditions for both parties.



We will inspect the building to check if it's really in conditions to be inhabited. The structure of the building must be in accordance with the contract.

woman writting


We will review all rental-related documents, such as the lease agrrement, the purchase and sale agreement and the deed of acquisition.



Finally! You can now move to your new location. We'll handle over the keys and now it's up to you to make this space your home.


Documents to start

If you decide to start the process to acquire a property in Portugal, you will need to gather some documents, such as:

What can go wrong?

Let’s say you want to buy an apartment without any assistance, what can go wrong in this case?

First, you will certainly be in a vulnerable position, specially if you’re not in Portugal. That’s because your interests (as a buyer) won’t be represented by an expert.

So, there are some procedures that should be held before the transaction in concluded to protect the buyer, and only a truly representative can make sure that the transaction is secure.

A bad transaction can lead to the cancellation of acquisition (that leads to even more expenses), the need to pay for the property’s debts, and the list goes on.


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