Golden Visa

With the Portuguese Golden Visa you will be able to live in Portugal as a result of an investment activity.

After its approval, the investor can carry out many activities in Portugal, such as studying, work and develop a business.

Also, traveling in Europe won’t be a problem, as the investor will be allowed to visit all countries that comprises the Schengen area, without the need for a visa.

After the five-year period of the investment, the citizen may apply for Permanent Authorization and Portuguese nationality.

Finally, the Golden Visa investor will need to remain in Portugal for just 7 days in the investment first year and 14 days in the following years.

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Questions & Answers

How can I apply for the Golden Visa in Portugal?

There are many ways to apply for Golden Visa. The most common are:

  • Acquire a property in Portugal that worth more than 500,000€
  • Acquire old properties in areas of urban rehabilitation, worth more than 350,000€
  • Capital transfer of at least 1 million euros
  • Create at least 10 jobs
  • Investment in small and medium-sized enterprises

These are just some ways in which the investor can apply for the Golden Visa in Portugal.

If you want a more in-depth analysis of Golden Visa in Portugal, you can read our Golden Visa article by clicking here.

How does the Golden Visa process work?

First, the investment must be made. Proof of investment is one of the documents that must be included in the application.

After obtaining all the required documents to apply for the Golden Visa, the applicant must apply for the procedure through the Residence Permit for Investment (ARI) system.

After the application is approved, the investor must schedule a meeting at SEF to conclude the procedure, signing the required forms and registering his / her fingerprints.

Then, after paying all the required fees, it is time to wait for the Resident Permit card to arrive at the appointed address.

How much time does this process take?

This answer can vary due to many circumstances.

The first step is related to obtaining the documents to apply for Golden Visa and comprises the acquisition of the property, the transfer of capital, etc.

The second stage is the application to the Golden Visa process itself.

After the application is concluded (and considering that it has been approved) the candidate must conduct an interview at SEF to check the documents and information and, finally, collect his / her fingerprints.

Then, considering that there was no need to include or rectify any document, he / she can finally wait to receive his / her Portuguese Resident Permit.

This whole process can take up to a year to complete, but after the application is completed the investor can stay in Portugal while SEF analyzes the process.

How can Viv Europe provide assistance in this process?

Viv Europe can assist the client through the entire process, from obtaining the documents to apply for a Golden Visa to its conclusion.

In this way, Viv Europe will:

  • Assist with the property purchase or capital transfer procedure
  • Apply for the Golden Visa procedure
  • Collect all documents for the process, and
  • Any other activity related to the process

Considering the investment amount required to obtain the Golden Visa, it is highly recommended that the entire process to be conducted by lawyers.

That is why you can find in the ARI system a field to include the representative’s information.

What are the advantages related to the Golden Visa?

The Portuguese Golden Visa is highly demanded for its advantages over other types of investments.

Below are some of its benefits:

  • Being able to legally reside in Portugal during the investment period
  • Being able to travel to the Schengen countries without the need for a visa
  • Being able to use public health care in Portugal
  • To be able to leave Portugal whenever necessary (since the investor will have to stay in Portugal only for 7 days of the first year and 14 days in the following years)
  • Being able to obtain the Permanent Resident permit after 5 years of investment
  • Being able to obtain the Portuguese nationality after 5 years of investment