Portuguese Golden Visa: the investors favorite

If you want to become an European resident but can’t stay in Portugal for longer than 6 months/year, the Golden Visa is right for you.

The Golden Visa can grant you the Portuguese Residence Permit and also the European passport.

Golden Visa Benefits

With the Portuguese Golden Visa, you can:

Some ways to invest

Real Estate

Investing in the Portuguese real estate market is one of the most common ways to obtain a Golden Visa. The investment can vary between €500k, €350k or €280k.

Portuguese funds

Portuguese funds can be a good way to apply for the Golden Visa, as you can receive interests from the chosen fund and become a Portuguese resident.

Create jobs

You can create 10 jobs or invest 350k€ and create 5 jobs to be eligible to apply for the Golden Visa. Other than having your European free-pass you can profit from your business.

More information

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Why Viv Europe?

Hiring our assistance for your Golden Visa application can help you go through this process without any struggle. That because:

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