Portuguese Tax Number (NIF)

The NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) is an essential step in establishing financial residency in Portugal.

Let us guide you through the complexities of financial immigration with ease, making your dream of Portuguese residency a reality.

Portugal NIF Number

The Portuguese Tax Number

Our NIF creation service is tailored to seamlessly integrate you into the Portuguese system, paving the way for successful applications for residency.

Why obtaining a Tax Number?

Process Stages

Documents Sending

In this initial stage, clients are required to send a copy of their passport and a proof of address. This is a critical step, as these documents form the foundation of the NIF application process. Accuracy and clarity of these documents are paramount to ensure a smooth progression to the next stages.

Paperwork Drafting

At this stage, our external partners draft the Power of Attorney (PoA) and other necessary documents needed to obtain the NIF remotely. This process involves careful consideration of the client’s specific circumstances and requirements, ensuring that all legal and procedural standards are met.

Documents Signing

Clients will receive the drafted PoA and related documents for review and signature. This stage is crucial as a signed PoA grants our partners the authority to act on behalf of the client in the NIF application process. Clients are advised to thoroughly review the documents before signing to ensure all details are correct and understood.

Application Submission

With the signed documents in hand, we proceed to submit the NIF application at the Finance department. This stage involves liaising with government officials and ensuring that the application is processed according to the stipulated guidelines. Our expertise and familiarity with the process play a vital role in navigating this stage efficiently.

NIF Issuance

The final stage culminates in the issuance of the NIF by Finanças (the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority). Once issued, the NIF serves as a key identifier for the client in all fiscal and legal matters within Portugal. We ensure that the NIF is securely delivered to the client, marking the successful completion of the service.

NIF Creation

Price per applicant
150 Plus V.A.T.
  • Meticulous examination of client documents to ensure accuracy and adherence to Portuguese legal standards.
  • Engagement with the relevant Portuguese authorities to initiate the NIF number creation process.
  • Acting on the client's behalf throughout the NIF application process.
  • Careful preparation and submission of the NIF application, along with all necessary documentation, to the Portuguese Finance Department.
  • Regular monitoring of the NIF application process, providing the client with updates at every significant step.
  • Providing tax representation (for NIF creation purpose) for the client for one year, subject to a renewal for an additional fee.

Terms and Conditions

1. Privacy and Legal Compliance:
We are committed to maintaining the privacy and protection of all personal data provided during the NIF creation process, in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

2. Service Restrictions:
We do not provide NIF creation services to nationals from countries located in the Middle East region. This policy is subject to change in accordance with international laws and company policies.

3. Refund Policy:
Clients are entitled to a full refund if the NIF is not successfully created within one month, provided that the delay is not due to reasons attributable to the client, such as incomplete or incorrect information provided by the client.

4. Discounts on Additional Services:
Clients who opt to purchase additional services from us may be eligible for discounts. The specifics of these discounts will be communicated at the time of purchase.

5. Modifications to Terms and Conditions:
We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the revised terms on our website.

6. Limitation of Liability:
Our liability in connection with the NIF creation service is limited to the service fee paid by the client. We are not liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.

7. Dispute Resolution:
Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this service shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the rules of Portugal.

8. Acceptance of Terms:
By utilizing our NIF creation service, the client agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Tax Number in Portugal

Frequently Asked Questions

A NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) number in Portugal, also known as a Tax Identification Number, is a unique numerical code assigned to individuals and entities for tax purposes. It is essential for conducting various financial and official activities within Portugal, including opening a bank account, executing contracts, and engaging in employment or business activities.

Holding a Portuguese NIF number entails certain responsibilities. Individuals and entities must use it in all tax-related transactions and declarations. It is important to ensure that all information provided to the tax authorities is accurate and to comply with Portuguese tax laws and regulations. This includes declaring income and paying taxes as required.

Obtaining a NIF number in Portugal does not automatically confer tax residency status. Tax residency is determined by several factors, such as the duration of stay in Portugal and the individual’s personal and economic ties to the country. A NIF is a prerequisite for various administrative processes but does not, by itself, establish tax residency.

Correspondence related to your tax situation in Portugal, once you have a NIF number, will be sent to the representative address registered with the tax authorities. In the case of those using Viv Europe’s services, this correspondence will be directed to Viv Europe’s office address.

It is advisable to obtain a NIF number as one of the first steps when deciding to move to Portugal. The NIF number is essential for various initial arrangements such as housing, banking, and employment, making it a crucial part of the relocation process.