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Wondering if hiring a Portugal immigration assistance company is worth it? We’ll give you 7 reasons why you won’t regret it.

Moving to Portugal is the dream of many expats around the world. However, the process of relocation is long and complex, and many things can go wrong along the way. The best way to get through it is with the help of a Portugal immigration assistance company.

After all, the Portuguese bureaucracy is famous for overcomplicating the most simple things, and the language barrier itself can become a huge problem.

Having experts who know the Portuguese law, the market, the culture and the language can make your moving process much easier and, also, the best thing: You won’t have to lose your precious time. 

Take a look at 7 reasons why you should hire a Portugal immigration assistance company.

1. It’s one and only company for the entire relocation process

After all, relocating isn’t just getting on a plane and landing in Portugal. It involves a lot more. Through this process you will be changing your entire life and your family’s. Here are some of the many aspects of the process that a Portugal immigration assistance company can guide you with:

  • Understanding the different types of Visa (and applying correctly)
  • Searching, renting, buying, or selling real estate properties
  • Enrolling your children to school
  • Opening a business, remotely or not
  • Opening a bank account in Portugal
  • Validating your diploma
  • Registering in public healthcare

And so much more! That means that a Portugal immigration assistance company will have professionals to assist you in different areas, such as lawyers, real estate agents, business experts, and so on.

2. Avoid the headache of dealing with Portuguese bureaucracy

The Portuguese bureaucracy is infamous. Almost every foreigner who moves to Portugal is shocked at the first contact with public services due to complicated rules and slow service.

Dealing with Visa, acquiring real estate, or even asking for information can give you a headache!

Thankfully, a Portugal immigration assistance company can take care of all that puzzle that is the Portuguese law and its interpretations, for they have done this many times. 

3. Save your time for enjoying Portugal

When people decide to take care of all their relocation process alone, usually something goes wrong. Which is okay, no one is expected to thrive in these difficult tasks. But it’s a drag to waste time having to reapply a visa application, study all the variations and research the real estate market or schools in the city.

Instead, you could be spending your precious time planning your first trip in Portugal, having farewell parties, or anything less urgent.

If you are already in Portugal, then your time will be even better spent without having to worry about such boring and complicated matters. Take your time, go to the beach, have a pastel de nata, and wait for things to get magically solved.

4. Get around the Portuguese language barrier

Even though the younger Portuguese generations have a high rate of fluency in English, it’s not so uncommon to face attendants that don’t understand a word of what you are saying!

So you can imagine how hard it is to open a bank account in a small town.

Having a trusted person handle your affairs in fluent Portuguese and English is essential to the success of the relocation process.

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5. Decrease the chances of extra unnecessary expenses

An error in any of the steps of the process of moving to Portugal also means double the expense, unnecessarily.

If, for example, you mistakenly fill out a dual citizenship application form and you have already paid the fees, you will be denied the application but remain without citizenship. You will have to pay for one more application. That money could have been used wisely.

6. Create connections throughout Portugal

Besides all that, hiring a Portugal immigration assistance company also means you’ll be making new connections throughout Portugal. Benefit from advice from experts who work in different parts of the country and learn a little more about each region.

That also means that no matter where you choose to settle in Portugal, you will have assistance.

Join our Facebook Group for expats in Portugal and make new connections today.

7. Have a peaceful and error-free relocation

The obvious, but most valid reason why you should hire a Portugal immigration assistance company is that you will have the a stress-free relocation process. That is priceless.

That being said, all you have to do after hiring assistance is provide some documents, pack your bags and give your neighbor a goodbye hug before embarking on an adventure in Portugal.

Start your relocation process to Portugal today

Viv Europe is the #1 Portugal immigration assistance company in the market. Let us guide you throughout your entire relocation process. We’ll be by your side at all times, handling the paperwork, negotiating with the landlord, or helping you understand the Portuguese culture.

Contact us and tell us all about your plans. We’re here for you.

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