Are you planning to move to Aveiro? Then here is an exclusive guide about the city’s way of life and what to expect in terms of costs.

Located on the silver coast of Portugal, Aveiro is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. Often referred to as the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro is a rather small and well-maintained city near the ocean. 

While it is nowhere as big as Libon, Aveiro is slowly becoming a popular destination for expats who are trying to escape the hustle and bustle of busy city life. So if you are in search of a peaceful city close to the ocean and other big towns, then Aveiro might be right for you. 

Similar to other cities in Portugal, there is no shortage of beauty in Aveiro as well. It is home to several beaches and museums where you can spend quality time with friends and family. 

Other than that, Aveiro has a lot to offer in the way of infrastructure, education, and other social amenities necessary for comfortable living. 

So what is life in Aveiro like? Is it worth moving to Aveiro? These are just but a few questions that this post seeks to answer. Stick around to find out more about living in Aveiro.

Living in Aveiro: day by day

Life in Aveiro is similar to that of any other major city in Portugal because you can find virtually anything you need right here in Aveiro.

Living in the Venice of Portugal will also mean that there are plenty of canals and other boats that you can use to get a different perspective of this city. 

For you to get the true picture of exactly how life is in Aveiro, we need to break down several factors that are key to day-to-day life in Portugal.

Who lives in Aveiro? 

Formerly popular as a holiday destination in Portugal, Aveiro is slowly becoming desirable as a retirement destination, especially for expats who want to escape the busy city life. 

According to Pordata, expat penetration in Aveiro was 6.9% of the population with resident permits. Compared to other major cities like Lisbon and Porto, expat penetration is relatively lower in Aveiro. It is also essential to mention that a lower number of expat in a particular region comes with its advantages as well. 

The cost of living is often lower when you live among local communities as compared to predominantly expat communities. 

Why are expats moving to Aveiro?

Right off the bat, Aveiro is exceptionally beautiful and has the vibes of the bigger cities in Portugal. This city is close to the sea giving expats the unique opportunity of enjoying what the big cities have to offer without the chaos that comes with it. 

Families are motivated by the good education that Aveiro has to offer to University students to be specific. Generally, the quality of life is good in Aveiro and it is no surprise why expats are finding their way to this city eventually. 

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Cost of living in Aveiro

Generally, the cost of living in Portugal is cheaper than in most other European countries. While this is true, it is also necessary to mention that different cities in Portugal have different costs of living altogether. In contrast, to other larger cities like Lisbon and Porto, the cost of living is slightly cheaper. Here is a rundown of the average cost of living in Aveiro according to

Monthly estimate for a family of four exclusive of rent 1,797.66€
Monthly estimates for a single person exclusive of rent512.31€
1 bedroom apartment in the city503.57 €
3 bedroom apartment in the city916.67 €
Average monthly salaries after tax832.26 €

You should also realize this data is just but an estimate, however, your monthly spending will be determined by your individual spending habits and standards of living. 

Also, choosing to live among the local community may mean you spend less than when living in a predominantly expat community. 

What are the best neighborhoods to live in Aveiro?

For expats thinking of moving to Aveiro, it can be quite a challenge to decide exactly where to live in Aveiro. Just to point you in the right direction, here are some of the popular neighborhoods in Aveiro.

Glória and Vera Cruz

This is one neighborhood that is worth mentioning. It is a civil parish in the municipality of Aveiro. This civil parish is home to over 20,000 people according to the population census of 2021.

Living in Aveiro

It is one of the bigger parishes in Aveiro, and also the place where every tourist wants to see. It’s not only beautiful but also historical and full of culture.


The parish of Esgueira is also a relatively large neighborhood that covers an area of about 17.15 km². By virtue of the sheer size of the municipality, it is home to about 20,000 locals.

São Bernardo

This is a central parish in Aveiro that is quite popular among tourists and expats. It is a rather small parish covering a space of 3.46 km² with a population of around 5000 residents. 

Santa Joana

This is another popular parish in Aveiro with a population of close to 10,000 people. It is home to several architectural and religious landmarks that are quite popular places to visit during leisure times.


If you are considering moving to any of the six popular neighborhoods in Aveiro, Aradas is a good option for you. This parish has a population of over 10,000 people. There is plenty to do here in Aradas including hiking during the weekends.


Other than Glória and Vera Cruz and Esgueira, Oliveirinhas is the biggest parishes in Aveiro. It covers a space of about 12.07 km² with a rather smaller population of over 5000 residents.

Costa Nova: the charming town of Ílhavo

If you’ve ever heard of Aveiro, then the cute striped houses of Costa Nova have appeared in your memory somewhere. This area is one of the most famous in Portugal and belongs to a neighboring city of Aveiro called Ílhavo. It’s located a 15-minute drive south of central Aveiro, but it’s also a place to consider moving to.

Moving to Costa Nova Ílhavo Aveiro

The neighborhood of Costa Nova, once a fishing village, is nowadays very touristic and holds many hotels. Definitely worth a visit during your scouting trip to Portugal!

Buying a house in Aveiro

The real estate prospect in Aveiro is slowly taking shape because this city is finally transitioning into an expat hub. 

What’s more, the value of owning a home in the heart of the Venice of Portugal is lower than in major cities like Lisbon and Porto. 

To put this into perspective here is a breakdown of the value of property in the popular neighborhoods in Aveiro (via Idealista).

LocationPrice m2 Apr 2022Annual variations 2021-2022
Glória and Vera Cruz2,650 €+ 10.5 %
Esgueira2,050 €+ 66.9 %
São Bernardo1,504 €+ 26.6 %
Santa Joana1,341 €+ 26.6 %
Aradas1,372 €/+ 2.8 %
Oliveirinhas1,301 €+ 39.8 %

It is worth mentioning that the data above is subject to change and the valuation of the properties from the different neighborhoods might not be the same at the particular time you are reading this. Therefore, take your time and do your due diligence before investing in any property. Be sure to seek the services of professionals.

The labor market in Aveiro

Similar to other cities in Portugal, the labor market in Aveiro is expat inclusive as well. There are plenty of thriving sectors in Aveiro that also offer plenty of employment opportunities.

The shipbuilding and salt production industries have recently registered impressive development rates. 

Another viable sector for employment is tourism. Aveiro is a tourist hub where there are plenty of job opportunities for anyone looking to establish a career. 

What’s more, local factories offer employment in the industry department while the University of Aveiro also presents teaching opportunities for expat professors. Maybe it explains why Aveiro is one of the best cities to start a business in Portugal.

Public and private healthcare

Aveiro offers both public and private healthcare facilities to the local population. As far as the quality of healthcare, it is worth mentioning that Aveiro’s public health care is just as good as the private sector and is also quite affordable. 

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that some simple health services are offered completely free in public healthcare facilities. 

In fact, expats who have a residency permit in Aveiro enjoy the same rights to healthcare as the local population. 

While Aveiro has good healthcare services, it is close enough to Porto and Coimbra which have world-class specialized healthcare facilities. 

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Studying in Aveiro

Aveiro is among the best cities that offer quality education in Portugal. Expats who are looking for quality education for their children should consider moving to Aveiro. There are plenty of local public and private schools that offer top-tier education. 

According to the Center of World University Rankings, the University of Aveiro made in the top six of the best universities in Portugal

It would be an understatement to refer to this institution of higher learning as just good. The University of Aveiro plays a huge role in the innovation and scientific research programs in Portugal. 

Public transport on the Silver Coast

Transportation is quite important to facilitate your day-to-day travels while at the Silver coast. There are several modes of transportation on the Silver Coast, both public and private. 

While transportation on the Silver Coast is affordable, how much you will have to pay will be dependent on the specific mode you decide to use. 

When it comes to public transportation, the two common modes of transportation are buses and trains. Regional trains are often cheaper but buses remain to be the fastest means of transportation from point A to point B in Aveiro.

 Leisure and things to do in Aveiro

Aveiro is a tourist hub for a reason. There are plenty of fun activities you can engage in while you are in this city. 

To begin, Aveiro is an old historical town with a rich history and culture. Walk down the old town with beautiful paved narrow streets as you explore the charm of this city. 

When you think of leisure activities in Aveiro, your list won’t be complete without mentioning a trip through the canals on the beautifully colored boats. 

Things to do for leisure in Aveiro

This is the hallmark of touring Aveiro, a boat ride through the canals will give you a view of the city from a whole different perspective. 

There are plenty of activities in Aveiro, here are other leisure things you can do while in the Venice of Portugal.

  • Visit the Aveiro museum
  • Visit the colorful Costa Nova
  • Stroll down the Costa Nova beach
  • Visit the salt pans
  • Engage in the vibrant Aveiro night life

 Pros and cons of living in Aveiro

It goes without saying that every city has its good side and bad side. So it is essential to have a look at the two sides of the coin just to give you what to expect and also enable you to set proper expectations. 

Pros of living in Aveiro

  • Has a lot of fun activities
  • Not overrun by tourists even during summers
  • Good quality education
  • The city is safe
  • Well organized roads

Cons of living in Aveiro

  • Can get quite cold during winter
  • Plenty of smokers in the city
  • Quite a small town, if you’re coming from a metropolis

 Is it worth living in Aveiro?

Aveiro has plenty to offer ex-pats from anywhere across the globe. The uninterrupted sea views and rich historical background are just but a few of what this city is all about. 

Aveiro is particularly attractive for anyone looking to have access to a large city but without the stress and chaos that comes with living in one. 

You will enjoy the lower cost of living that you would not get in the bigger cities in Portugal. 

So are you ready to move to Aveiro, let us help you with the process, our professionals a Viv Europe will hold your hand through the journey of moving and living your dream in Portugal? 

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