Thousands of tourists book a flight every year to spend their summer in Portugal. Discover why this is going to be your next vacation destination!

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There’s no better time for you to get to know Portugal before moving here for good. Summer in Portugal is the busiest season due to so many reasons. During these months, the sun is out in its full glory, making it possible for people from every corner of the globe to explore what this beautiful country offers. 

The months between June to mid-September are when thousand of tourists meet in Portugal to have a good time. Stick around to learn more about what to expect this season and how you can have the time of your life. To help you have a fantastic time, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities to do and when they happen! 

What to expect about summer in Portugal

Summer in Portugal is hot and full of fun activities. During this time of the year, everyone is out of their houses, probably headed to the nearest beach. Most Portuguese are on vacation, enjoying what’s best about their beautiful country. And some lucky expats in Portugal too.

If you’re a nature lover, you might be lucky to catch some of the remainders of the bloom from spring. 

What is Portugal like during summer for residents

Get out and visit the many national parks across the country and feed your wanderlust, be sure to carry a bottle of water though!

Summer in Portugal has something for everyone. If you’re not adventurous, you can enjoy urban holidays in Lisbon or Porto. 

What’s the weather like in summer in Portugal?

You’re probably aware of Portugal’s pleasant weather all year round; it’s one reason why expats from the UK relocate here too! But, does it get extra hot during these months?

There’s no doubt that summer is the hottest time of the year in Portugal. In fact, if you go further inland, the temperatures can easily sore to close to 30 degrees in some regions. 

Here’s a breakdown of the weather in some major regions in Portugal; Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, and Madeira. 

Summer temperatures in Lisbon

The beginning of summer in July is the hottest month in the capital of Portugal. People living in Lisbon experience limited rainfall during the summer, and the sunshine is approximately 11 hours every day.

Average Temp20.3 °C
(68.6 °F)
21.6 °C
(70.9 °F)
22.4 °C
(72.3 °F)
21.2 °C
(70.2 °F)
(0.5 in)
(0.1 in)
(0.2 in)
(1.2in )

Table data is from Climate Data

It’s the busiest time of the year for tourism, hence many Lisbon residents prefer to leave town for a couple of months and travel to other areas of the country, like the Alentejo, looking for a more peaceful time.

Summer temperatures in Porto

Summers are definitely hot in Porto as well. The northern region of Portugal experiences little precipitation at the beginning of summer as rains slowly pick up as the months go by.

Average Temp19.3 °C
(66.7 °F)
20.9 °C
(69.6 °F)
21.5 °C
(70.7 °F)
20.1 °C
(68.1 °F)
(1.7 in)
(1 in)
(1.3 in)
(2.6 in)

Table data is from Climate Data

These months are by far the most pleasant time to visit and to live in Porto, known to be the coldest area of Portugal – that is if you enjoy hot temperatures.

Summer temperatures in Algarve

The Algarve region experiences very hot summers compared to other major areas in Portugal. Some say it even feels like you’re in Morocco rather than Portugal.

Despite the high temperatures, the beaches in the Algarve region quickly fill up by the end of June! Finding a nice beach house in the region is quite a race.

Average Temp21.6 °C
(70.9 °F)
23.5 °C
(74.3 °F)
24 °C
(75.3 °F)
22.2 °C
(72 °F)
(0.2 in)
(0 in)
(0.1 in)
20 mm
(0.8 in)

Table data is from Climate Data

The temperatures, and also the stunning beaches, are a reason why this is the leading touristic destination in Portugal during this season. The sky is rarely cloudy during summer; therefore, a rather hot climate with hardly any rain.

Summer temperatures in Madeira

Although not as hot as the Algarve, summer in Madeira is also quite hot. This season is ideal for surfing in the wavy Atlantic ocean waters.

Average Temp18.5 °C
(65.2 °F)
20.3 °C
(68.5 °F)
21.2 °C
(70.2 °F)
20.3 °C
(68.5 °F)
(0.6 in)
(0.3 in)
(0.4 in)
(1.5 in)

Table data is from Climate Data

It’s also a nice time of the year to get to know the best places to live in Madeira before relocating. If you’re spending June in Madeira, look out for the Festas de São Pedro towards the end of the month. Keep reading to know more about the traditions, festivities, and colorful fireworks!

Best things to do during the summer in Portugal

June to September is a great time to know the country and enjoy its tourist attractions. You also get to interact with expats residing in major and small cities, who come to mainstream areas for vacation. 

Talking to people living here can also make up your mind on whether you think Portugal can be your new home. You can also take this opportunity to turn your visit into a scouting trip to see what it would be like to live in Portugal.

Enough about how awesome it is to live here; let’s move on to some of the best things you can do during your vacation! 

Do these months bring out all the good that’s hidden in Portugal? Wondering what to do during this season of the year? Worry no more. Below are some fun activities you can engage in on your summer visit to Portugal.

Summer festivals in Portugal

The onset of summer in Portugal ushers in various festivals all over the country. However, it’s necessary to acknowledge that different cities have unique traditional festivals they celebrate. 

Several music festivals take place during the summer. If you’re a lover of music, then you’re in for a great treat. Here are some of the festivals that you should look out for this summer, especially the music festivals in July and August:




Go to the Algarve beaches

With over 120 miles of pristine coastline and 130 sandy beaches; there’s so much that you can do in the cities of the Algarve

One fact about the Algarve is that it’s one of the few regions in the world that promises up to 300 days of sunshine annually. This means you can enjoy your time at the beach way before the summer arrives. 

Summer in Portugal

It’s worth mentioning that 86 stunning beaches in the Algarve are Blue Flag Certified. These beaches follow strict educational and environmental regulations that guarantee a better beach experience. 

While each individual beach will give you a unique experience, here are the most popular options:

So which beach do you choose out of the 130 different options available?

Enjoy the sunny days in the center and north of Portugal

We know beaches aren’t everyone’s thing. Besides visiting the Algarve coastline, the sunny summer also opens up the northern regions of Portugal for exploration. 

The northern and central regions are home to some of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, as well as river beaches and natural parks.

A good example is Coimbra, a romantic city with plenty of activities for all age groups, near amazing nature on the Portuguese Silver Coast.

And let’s not forget the amazing Douro Valley in the north, which you can visit on a day trip from Porto.

What’s more, if you’re a history enthusiast, then Braga is calling. This city features plenty of old architecture and other historical centers as well.

Go on a road trip across Portugal

You might be someone who wants a bit more adventure than what beaches or romantic cities can offer; how about you jazz it up with an exciting road trip! 

Going on a road trip is a great way to explore Portugal, and summer is the best time to do so. While Portugal is a relatively smaller country, it’s unbelievable how so many beautiful sceneries can be packed in such a small space. 

There are no rules as far as the means of exploring the country is concerned. However, the recommended means remains to be via a car or campervan. 

Touring Portugal using a car will give you the luxury of stopping in those small towns you wouldn’t get a chance to if you used public transportation. 

A road trip provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with the locals, enjoy the different cuisines in different cities, and appreciate the beauty Portugal offers.

Portuguese Summer traditions

The hot summer months are a special time for Portuguese nationals. Right after Spring in Portugal, schools are closed for the summer holiday. Most families go on trips to the coastal beaches or inland river beaches for that well-deserved vacation.

Expat families move to Portugal in summertime

As you may already know, Portuguese people are very family-oriented, so you’ll often find that most people take time off to be with their loved ones during summer.

Indulging in caracóis is a social activity during summer – a rather exotic Portuguese dish, which is simply snails! Quite different but really tasty. Locals enjoy them as appetizers before the main meal or as a snack just before happy hour.

The country celebrates traditional festivities in full swing; sometimes months of planning and preparation. Check out some of the traditions you’ll experience during your stay:

Santos Populares

The Popular Saints Festivals, or the Santos Populares as the Portuguese call it, happen throughout June. There’s Festas de Lisboa on the 12th and 13th, the São João celebrations on the 23rd, and the Festas de São Pedro on the 29th.

The festivities take place mainly in Lisbon, Porto, and Madeira. Some tourists plan their trips around these months specifically to explore the rich culture in its full authenticity.

The Santos Populares represent traditional catholic roots and honor the three popular saints; St. Anthony, St. John, and St. Peter. The celebrations come with delicious food stalls, music and themed parades, parties, and stunning fireworks!

Festa dos Tabuleiros, Tomar

Festa dos Tabuleiros (Festival of the Trays) is an important festival in Tomar, where girls parade with bread on their heads as part of the tradition. While this festival is quite significant, it’s essential to mention that it only happens every 4 years, and the next one is scheduled for 2023. 

The streets of Portugal are decorated with elaborate and there are prizes for the most beautifully decorated streets. You can expect loud jazz and pop music late at night, paired with some fireworks to end the day.

Festa do Colete Encarnado

The Festa do Colete Encarnado is a three-day feast hosted annually in Portugal. It’s basically a parade to celebrate the traditional cowboy kicks off the event in the main square in Vila Franca de Xira. What follows is the bulls are set free as they run uncontrolled through the city of Vila Franca de Xira.

In an effort to get away from the bull’s path, sometimes some injuries could be fatal. Nonetheless, this is a tradition that tourists love to witness but from a safe place away from the chaos of the bulls and crowd.

Dress Code for the Season

Portugal is a very progressive country and people here feel safe exploring and spending their life. The streets are safe and crimes like harassment are low. Thus, feel free to wear anything you’re comfortable it!

Summer in Portugal is hot, therefore, it goes without saying that whatever you choose to wear should be able to help you with the heat. Also, remember that the kind of activity you’re going to engage in will dictate your choice of clothes as well. 

Typically, on a day where you intend to walk around the city, be sure to put on a loose top made of natural materials like silk and cotton. 

Natural materials give your skin some room to breathe amid the hot temperatures. You might want to carry a hat and sunglasses to give you additional protection from the sun. 

Keep jewelry to a minimum because you don’t want anything that will cause you extra discomfort, especially under high temperatures. 

Finally, it’s essential to mention that there are no rules when it comes to dressing for the summer in Portugal. Whatever you feel comfortable and confident in are probably the right clothes to wear on that particular day. Don’t overthink it!

Want to keep up with the expat community in Portugal?

Are you ready to experience the best months of your life? Summer in Portugal is an experience that everyone should undeniably experience at least once in their lives. 

We do understand that leaving your home country for another foreign land can get overwhelming for some people. 

Finding a community of people who have been through the same journey gives you a sense of security. Being part of an expat community allows you to build connections with other like-minded individuals and help you in tough times.

Consider joining our Facebook Group – All About Portugal For Expats. Get in touch with people who’ve already spent summer here and ask them what it’s been like for them! 

And remember, you can always Get In Touch with us whenever you want to start planning.



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