Are you going to spend the spring in Portugal? Learn all about the flower season in the country. Where to see, things to do, and where to go!

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Spring in Portugal is perhaps one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. And this small country in the corner of the Iberian Peninsula welcomes March 20 to June 21 with sunnier days, fields covered with flowers, and people increasingly happy. Check out everything there is to know to make the most of what many expats and Portuguese consider the best season of the year in Portugal!

What to expect about spring in Portugal

In Portugal, spring is a warm season. Although many other European countries have harsh winters and very low temperatures, Portugal is lucky. It only snows in a small part of the northeast of the country, but not often.

Spring in Portugal

So, depending on the region of Portugal, spring is pleasant enough for outdoor walks. Many residents of the Algarve, a region in the south of Portugal, consider this the best season to visit the paradisiacal beaches in the region, as they are not crowded with tourists, as they are in the summer.

What’s the weather like in spring in Portugal?

In most of the country, spring in Portugal starts with very low temperatures and ends much hotter. Winter in Portugal is finally over, and the sun starts to shine again. The rains become increasingly scarce, and the trees bloom and beautify the old streets of the cities.

Popular culture also has sayings that mark the climate change of the Portuguese spring.

“Março marçagão, manhãs de inverno, tardes de verão”
Meaning “In March, the mornings are like winter and afternoons are like summer”.

“Em Abril, águas mil”
That can be translated to “In April, a thousand waters”, explaining how it rains so much in April before it finally gets drier.

And even though Portugal is indeed a small country, the climatic variations between regions are surprising. Check below what spring is like in each Portuguese region.

How is the weather in spring in Lisbon?

The beautiful city of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, is very pleasant during spring. The flower trees around the city look wonderful, complementing the narrow cobbled streets, the many hills, and views of the Tagus River. See in the table below what the weather is like in spring in Lisbon:

Avg. temperature13.5 °C
(56.4 °F)
15.2 °C
(59.3 °F)
17.6 °C
(63.7 °F)
20.3 °C
(68.6 °F)
Rainfall58 mm
(2.3 in)
56 mm
(2.2 in)
45 mm
(1.8 in)
12 mm
(0.5 in)

The table data was taken from the Climate Data website.

How is the weather in spring in Porto and northern Portugal?

The north of Portugal is the coldest region in the country. But that doesn’t mean it’s as cold as the UK, Germany, Canada, and so on. Even so, spring is still rainy, but with more hope for warmer and longer days. Take a look at the weather in Porto during spring:

Avg. temperature11.8 °C
(53.2 °F)
13.6 °C
(56.4 °F)
16.2 °C
(61.2 °F)
19.3 °C
(66.7 °F)
Rainfall121 mm
(4.8 in)
123 mm
(4.8 in)
104 mm
(4.1 in)
42 mm
(1.7 in)

The table data was taken from the Climate Data website.

How is the weather in spring in the Algarve?

The Algarve has the warmest climate in mainland Portugal, and during spring it is pleasant enough to enjoy the beaches. Known for summer tourism, the Algarve coast remains beautiful throughout the year. In spring, the Algarve tends to see a little more rain, but it keeps the sun warm in contrast to the cold wind.

Avg. temperature14.6 °C
(58.2 °F)
16 °C
(60.9 °F)
18.5 °C
(65.4 °F)
21.6 °C
(70.9 °F)
Rainfall57 mm
(2.2 in)
45 mm
(1.8 in)
26 mm
(1 in)
5 mm
(0.2 in)

The table data was taken from the Climate Data website.

How is the weather in spring in Madeira?

Madeira Island, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, is known for its mild climate throughout the year. No different, spring is marked by pleasant temperatures, lots of sun, and nature at its maximum splendor.

Madeira Flower Festival

This is where the biggest festival in the country to celebrate spring takes place, the Madeira Flower Festival. A true celebration that looks like a street carnival, there are parades with floats, beautiful flower costumes, and lots of joy. Definitely a fantastic experience to have in spring in Portugal!

Avg. temperature13.6 °C
(56.5 °F)
14.2 °C
(57.6 °F)
16 °C
(60.7 °F)
18.5 °C
(65.2 °F)
Rainfall62 mm
(2.4 in)
55 mm
(2.2 in)
35 mm
(1.4 in)
15 mm
(0.6 in)

The table data was taken from the Climate Data website.

Best things to do during the spring in Portugal

It’s time to enjoy spring in Portugal! Find out what you can’t miss during the best season of the year.

Visit the country’s many natural parks

Portugal is an example of a destination for outdoor activities. Spring is then perfect for visiting the various national parks from north to south. So make the most of the quality of life in Portugal.

Lovers of mountain biking, bird watching, hiking, or just picnics will love Portuguese parks. In spring in Portugal, don’t miss the chance to visit:

  • Penêda-Gerês National Park, northern Portugal;
  • Serra da Estrela Natural Park, central Portugal;
  • Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, near Lisbon;
  • Arrábida Natural Park, south of Lisbon;
  • South West Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, Alentejo and West Algarve coast;
  • Ria Formosa Natural Park, in Eastern Algarve.

Enjoy the sunny days in the empty tourist attractions

Many of the best tourist attractions in Portugal’s cities are empty during spring. In addition, it is possible to get ticket promotions of up to 50% of the price that is sold in the high tourist season, the summer. One of the best things about living in Portugal, and not just visiting.

Take in the sun and warm weather in the Algarve

The Algarve in winter is almost completely empty, in summer the beaches are crowded. But spring becomes the best season of the year to enjoy the hot sun, the beaches protected from the wind and almost completely empty. It may be that the water is still too cold, but sunny days are frequent and the fields are in bloom. Take a trip and take the opportunity to get to know this region of the south of the country!

Enjoying Easter in Portugal

Easter is one of the most important holidays in Portugal. Despite being a Christian religious date, the whole country stops to celebrate or just enjoy the days off for a weekend trip, just like Christmas.

If you are in an inland village, you can also witness a church procession with the image of the Virgin Mary, while the priest blesses everyone. Also, cities like Braga in the north and São Brás do Alportel in the Algarve have their own famous parties and processions on Easter Sunday.

But the main thing about Easter, for many, is food. The main Easter tradition in Portugal is to gather the family on Sunday for lunch.

Easter in Portugal

There are several typical foods on this holiday, in particular the Folar de Páscoa, a kind of bread or cake with an egg in the center, whose recipe varies according to the region. As the Christian tradition dictates, Easter Sunday celebrates the end of Lent and fasting with lots of beef, lamb, or suckling pig. The typical cod can also make an appearance at the table.

As for sweets, the Portuguese at Easter have a tradition of eating almonds dipped in chocolate or caramel. A delicious holiday and the icing on the cake that is spring.

Spring festivals in Portugal

If you’re looking for cultural festivals, you may be pleased to know that in spring, events start reoccurring throughout the country. While they never really stop in Lisbon, in spring, all of Portugal tends to return to activity.

Get to know some of the most interesting festivals and events that take place during spring in Portugal:

Dress code for the season

The dress code for Portugal in spring can vary completely according to the region of the country and its own resistance to the cold.

In the sunny Algarve, it is common for Germans and Brits to walk around in sleeveless shirts and shorts. A Floridian in Porto will probably continue to wear jeans and a coat until summer arrives.

Remember to always check the weather forecast, but rest assured that spring will be very kind to you.

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