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Looking for a place to work remotely? Discover the top 10 coworking spaces in Portugal – from Lisbon to Madeira!

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Although Portugal is slowly transforming into a tech and innovation hub, you’ll find that the coworking culture is already popular. With more and more people wanting to work remotely, the need for a more dynamic work environment has been growing. This is why, in this article, we’ll highly the 10 best coworking spaces in Portugal!


Coworking spaces are an important part of Portugal’s business landscape. In fact, many cities across the country have embraced this business venture. Subsequently, they built coworking spaces that are designed for collaboration, creativity, and networking, reshaping how people work.

Follow along to get a glimpse into the thriving ecosystem that supports the modern workforce! Where can you find the best coworking spaces, and do they have all the facilities you are looking for? Happy reading! 

Who uses coworking spaces in Portugal?

Coworking spaces in Portugal attract different individuals, from businesses to digital nomads, who love working from anywhere in the world. 

This is not just a demonstration of the evolving nature of the workforce but also a reflection of the dynamic nature of the country’s economy.

 Here are some common groups you will likely find in coworking spaces in the country.

Digital Nomads

Portugal’s coworking spaces increasingly attract digital nomads – individuals who leverage technology to work remotely while exploring different locations. The country’s appealing lifestyle and well-equipped coworking spaces make it an attractive destination for professionals seeking work and leisure experiences.


It is no coincidence that startups find Portugal attractive for both short-term and long-term prospects. The Portuguese government has gone out of its way to make the business environment-friendly.

That said, Portugal has become a hotspot for startups and entrepreneurs, and coworking spaces offer an ideal setting for these innovators. The low cost attracts startups to coworking spaces in Portugal, especially for such flexible workspace solutions.

Startups also benefit from the opportunity to create meaningful networks that can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and investments.

How do you become a digital nomad or entrepreneur in Portugal?

There are several ways you can immigrate to Portugal legally. However, for business-minded folks and glob trotters, the Portuguese government has provided two visas that will guarantee entry: the digital nomad visa and the business visa.

Of course, becoming a digital nomad or entrepreneur in Portugal involves careful planning. Which includes understanding the legal requirements and embracing the lifestyle changes associated with working remotely and running a business. Let’s take a look at the two visas that will allow you to execute this in Portugal.

Digital Nomad Visa

Portugal implemented a novel Visa program designed specifically for freelancers and digital nomads who are not EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens. As EU/EEA residents already enjoy unrestricted travel within Portugal, this new Visa is open to all individuals of legal age who do not belong to these regions. The Visa accommodates two primary categories of digital nomads:

  • Individuals who engage in frequent travel while working remotely, typically as self-employed or freelance professionals.
  • Individuals employed by a company in a different country who perform their work online.

Naturally, there are specific prerequisites that applicants must fulfill, in addition to a set of documents that need to be submitted.

Below is a compilation of the necessary documents you would require for this Visa:

  • Evidence of income covering the last three months
  • Documentation confirming tax residency
  • Employment contract (or verification of self-employment)

 D2 Business Visa

The D2 Visa, alternatively referred to as the Business Visa, is specifically crafted for individuals aspiring to reside and establish a business in Portugal.

Notably, in recent times, Portugal has become a focal point for major corporations. Out of these, many have chosen the country as their headquarters. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Bosch, Airbnb, and others exemplify this trend.

This Visa enables entrepreneurs to live in Portugal, provided they actively contribute to developing their business within the country. Upon the Portuguese government’s approval of the business plan and the initiation of activities aimed at business development in Portugal, you become eligible to reside in the country for a specified duration.

It’s noteworthy that if you, as an entrepreneur, consistently reside in Portugal for a consecutive period of 5 years, you even have the option to apply for Portuguese nationality.

10 Best Coworking Spaces In Portugal

Portugal has made efforts to improve its business environment in recent years. To begin, Portugal has demonstrated economic stability in recent times. The country rebounded from the economic downturn experienced during the global financial crisis, implementing structural reforms and fiscal consolidation measures.

Over the last five years, Portugal has been gaining recognition for its emerging startup ecosystem. Cities like Lisbon and Porto have become hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting both local and international startups. The government has also implemented initiatives to support entrepreneurship and innovation.


The Portuguese government has introduced measures to support businesses, particularly startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Various programs and funds aim to foster innovation, research, and development.

It is not hard to see why individuals and organizations choose Portugal as their destination of choice. In that regard, let’s take a look at some of the best coworking spaces in different cities in Portugal.

LACS – Lisbon Art Center & Studios (Lisbon)

Are you a creative looking for a place that inspires you to be innovative? LACS – Lisbon Art Center & Studios is the place to be.

Located in the vibrant capital, Lisbon, this innovative space combines work and art seamlessly, featuring stylish offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces. This facility allows you to focus, network, and recharge at the refreshment bar or cafeteria.

LACS provides a flexible working environment that attracts a diverse community of professionals. Whether it is the panoramic rooftop views, art installations, or the virtual coworking plan, there is something for everyone in this coworking space.

SECOND HOME Lisboa (Lisbon)

SECOND HOME Lisboa is not just a coworking space; it’s a carefully curated ecosystem for creatives, organizations, and individuals who need more than a working space. With a diverse range of businesses calling SECOND HOME home, the environment is dynamic, inspiring, and conducive to innovation.

Something unique about SECOND HOME Lisboa is the fact that you can choose a plan depending on your working needs. You can choose a private office or a permanent/hot desk, among many others.

This coworking space provides other unique features: unlimited printing, complimentary tea and coffee, a café located on-site, and shower facilities. Lastly, networking is made easier thanks to the events held in this space, such as the weekly surf club and monthly community breakfast.

Heden (Lisbon)

Nestled in the core of Lisbon’s bustling business district, Heden stands out as a meticulously designed coworking space featuring abundant natural light and contemporary amenities. Its layout encompasses an open-plan design, providing a blend of private offices and shared workspaces tailored to meet diverse requirements.

Heden is an optimal setting for work, networking, and collaborative endeavors, boasting a welcoming ambiance and a community that spans various industries.

Members can utilize essential facilities, including meeting rooms, phone booths, and high-speed fiber internet services, catering to the needs of both small and large-scale businesses.

Additionally, Heden goes the extra mile by offering supplementary services such as a virtual mailing address and reception services, providing startups with the flexibility crucial in their early stages.

Village Underground (Lisbon)

This particular setup is not your typical coworking space. This distinctive coworking space is celebrated for its unique architecture, created by repurposing shipping containers and double-decker buses. Village Underground is a creative coworking space and cultural hub that embraces unique and innovative environments.

From the unconventional constructions converted into dynamic office areas, a cutting-edge recording studio, a dining establishment, and a meeting room, you can quickly tell that this is a space for creativity, art, and innovation.

Thanks to the artsy allure, this particular location is frequented by young freelancers and startup visionaries. Besides the cozy working spaces and unconventional appearance, this coworking space also has a restaurant where you can dine with your newly found friends as you network.

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Porto i/o (Porto)

Situated within a captivating 19th-century structure, Porto i/o stands as a technological hub in the heart of Porto. This space is a hub for all things digital, attracting tech professionals, digital creatives, and entrepreneurs due to its popularity.

Porto i/o is a community-based coworking space with four locations in Porto. Thanks to the community-centered approach, this hub houses different social events and meet-ups aimed at making networking possible.

Some of the amenities you will find in any of the Porto i/o centers include fast internet, comfortable chairs, limitless coffee and tea, printing services, a kitchen, and even shower facilities!

There are different plans available based on your work needs. Something else worth mentioning is that you can take advantage of different discounts that are available based on your unique circumstances.

Typographia Cowork (Porto)

Occupying the space of a former traditional printing office, Typographia Cowork is conveniently situated in the heart of Porto’s historic center. Its attractive interiors offer an inspirational setting for increased productivity.

Typographia Cowork is a collaborative workspace designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies seeking to leverage the benefits of shared resources, interaction, and professional adaptability to foster the growth of their businesses.

It offers a range of workstations, including shared tables and meeting rooms. Additionally, there are communal areas such as a dining space, lounge, and an outdoor patio.


Cowork Funchal (Madeira)

If you would like to live in the autonomous region of Madeira, you will delight in the fact that there are plenty of coworking spaces, particularly in the capital, Funchal. One of the most popular coworking spaces in Madeira is Cowork Funchal.

This particular space is ideal for anyone who would love to work in Funchal and benefit from interacting with a larger community of like-minded individuals.

Featuring 34 individual workstations, this space provides a tranquil environment where you can collaborate with fellow creatives and access all the essential amenities needed for your tasks. Other than the working desks and fast internet, you also get unlimited printing, a meeting room, and complimentary coffee.

Digital Nomads Madeira

For digital nomads seeking an inspirational location for remote work, the picturesque village of Ponta do Sol, situated on the stunning Madeira Island, offers an ideal destination.

First, Ponta do Sol offers an environment conducive to blending work and leisure, providing a truly unique experience. Digital Nomads Madeira is one of the most remote coworking spaces, perfect for anyone who wants to escape all the hustle and bustle of the busy Funchal.

It was created quite recently, in 2019, and run by Digital Nomads Madeira, an organization that specifically caters to building digital nomad communities. By virtue of that, you can rest assured that all the modern needs of a workspace are catered to.

This coworking space aims to blend digital nomads with the local businesses, and Ponta do Sol inhabitants, turning it into a community of people that strongly impact the village, both socially and economically.

IDEIAhub (Aveiro)

Aveiro, often referred to as the “Portuguese Venice,” is the location of IDEIAhub, a coworking space recognized for its dedication to sustainability and innovation. This environmentally conscious workspace offers a collaborative setting for startups and entrepreneurs, emphasizing eco-friendly practices.

The atmosphere at IDEIAhub carries a distinctly corporate feel. Despite its vibrant and well-lit surroundings and appealing amenities like complimentary beer, the overall ambiance leans more towards a conventional office setting rather than a typical coworking space.

This perception may be influenced by the fact that it serves as a permanent office for numerous startups. Nonetheless, it is just the perfect environment to get most of your work done.

Regus Liberdade Street Fashion (Braga)

Conveniently located inside the famous Braga historic center, Regus Liberdade Street provides the perfect space for startups and freelancers to anchor down and get their work done.

Regus Liberdade Street advocates for providing businesses with options, adaptability, and entry to a vibrant community. Their main objective is to establish well-lit, motivating workspaces that can be tailored to specific requirements while maintaining consistently professional surroundings.

The office space, coworking environments, business lounges, and meeting rooms come equipped with ergonomic furniture ideal for long meetings and work conditions. Additionally, there is a gym, restaurant, relaxation area, vending machines, and ample parking available on-site.

Do you want to work in the best coworking spaces in Portugal?

Portugal’s coworking scene is flourishing, providing professionals with more than just a place to work. These coworking spaces are hubs of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, offering a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and thrive.

Whether you’re a freelancer or a startup founder, coworking spaces in Portugal cater to diverse needs, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a flexible and inspiring work environment.

With that in mind, if you need help moving and setting up shop in any city in Portugal, our professionals at Viv Europe are more than happy to help you out. 

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