About to start packing your life to relocate abroad? Find out how much money do you need to move to Portugal!

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Managing your finances at the grassroots level can help you save thousands of dollars when you start your relocation journey. We know, there are a lot of things to consider when packing away all your belongings and moving abroad. But finances will always be the most important thing. So, how much money do you need to move to Portugal? 


Wait, you’re probably thinking finances couldn’t possibly be the most important thing to consider. After helping hundreds of clients realize their dream of relocating to Portugal, and hearing “How much?” in almost every meeting, it’s safe to say they are. 

This article aims to clarify all the little details of how much your possible relocation could cost you. Right from visa application fee to post-relocation grocery expenses, we’ll talk about it all. Keep reading to create your own budget because Portugal has something for everyone! 

Importance of Financial Planning for a Smooth Transition

Financial planning is crucial for any relocation, whether moving from one apartment to another or an entire country. Creating a detailed budget allows you to manage your expenses effectively and ensures that you can maintain your desired lifestyle without financial strain.

Above all, no expense comes as a surprise, which helps eliminate possible stress and anxiety. The first thing to rule out is, will you be working after relocating? Are you planning on living on passive income or will you be looking for a job? Are you relocating with your family or alone?

Afterwards, what are some visa costs you must incur? If you’re applying with your family, how many flights will you be paying for? Will you be paying months ahead or a few days prior? 

Planning your finances in detail prepares you to enjoy your new surroundings to the fullest! 

Pre-Move Expenses

Before the actual relocation starts, you will apply for visas, compile your financial documents, and buy flights. 

Let’s discuss the main expenses you’ll likely incur in the pre-move stage! 

Visa Application Fees

Let’s start addressing your question: How much money do you need to move to Portugal? 

First and foremost, you’ll rule out which visa you need, and this will depend on the purpose of your stay. 

Portugal’s long-stay visas are:

All visas, except the Golden Visa, have a visa processing fee of €90. The fee does not imply that a visa will be granted and it is also non-refundable in case of a refusal. 

Moreover, if you’re hiring someone to help make sure you’ve got all the documents you need for higher chances of approval, you must factor in the respective costs. 

The Golden Visa, also known as Citizenship by Investment Permit, has a processing fee of around €550 at the beginning. And for every renewal, it is €80. There’s also the initial application fee, which is a one-time payment and is €5,325 per person. 

Flights and Travel Costs

Next up after your visa has been granted, get ready for one of the most exciting parts of this journey! Everyone knows buying flight tickets is much cheaper when done so in advance. But what happens if you have to fly soon? 

We’ll compile some estimates based on flight tickets booked a month in advance. Here are some average prices of flights to Portugal from different countries for a one-way economy flight (per seat): 

CountryAverage Flight Ticket
America€550 to €800
Canada€550 to €800
United Kingdom€200 to €400
Brazil€400 to €600
China€600 to €900
India€400 to €700
Singapore€600 to €900
United Arab Emirates€400 to €700
Africa€500 to €800
Pakistan€500 to €800

Estimates as of June 2024.

Shipping and Moving Personal Belongings

The decision of moving your personal belongings is based on how much you want to take with you and how much you want to leave behind. Some families end up relocating with only suitcases and sell off all that they used to own. 

However, some individuals are more attached to their belongings and wish to take them to Portugal. In both situations, you’ll need to assess how much you’re taking and the method of transport. 

While air freight is more costly, you are guaranteed to receive your belongings faster. For sea freight, there’s a chance that it could take a couple of weeks. 

In case of any questions, feel free to get in touch with Global International Relocation.

LocationFreight Transport TypeCostEstimated Duration
United StatesAir freight€6,775 to €7,4901 to 3 Days
Sea freight€3,600 to €4,0009 to 11 Days
United KingdomAir freight€3,150 to €3,5001 to 3 Days
Sea freight€1,650 to €1,9003 to 5 Days
IndiaAir freight€11,000 to €12,2001 to 3 Days
Sea freight€5,800 to €6,50014 to 20 Days
GermanyAir freight€3,100 to €3,5001 to 3 Days
Sea freight€1,600 to €1,8004 to 6 Days

According to MoveHub


Initial Settlement Costs

When exploring the question “How much money do you need to move to Portugal?”, you must also factor in the initial settlement costs. This includes temporary accommodation upon arrival, followed by deposits for your rental agreement and the possibility of setting up utilities.

Temporary Accommodation Upon Arrival

This is a milestone you must celebrate! You’ve flown to Portugal and have kickstarted your dream relocation. 

For people who don’t have immediate access to their long-term dwelling, a hotel in the city center seems to be the best option. 

Hotel rooms, depending on what you’re looking for, can cost you anywhere between €60 to €200 a night. Or even higher if you’re looking for more comfort. But don’t worry, as this is only temporary.

Deposits for Long-Term Rentals

Portugal does require you to have a lease for a long-term rental if you have plans to relocate. 

Here’s an average amount breakdown: 

Type Of PaymentAmount
Security DepositTypically equivalent to one or two months’ rent
First Month’s RentPaid with the Security Deposit
Real Estate Agent FeeUp to €1,000 usually
Total (Assuming that rent is €1,000)€4,000

Before signing an agreement, make sure to review the lease agreement carefully to understand all financial obligations. In such situations where you’re unaware of another country’s laws, it is best to hire a trusted real estate agent to help you. 

Keep in mind that you may need to budget for utility deposits (electricity, water, gas, internet) if required. You must confirm this information with your landlord. 

Cost of Living in Portugal

With that, the main costs pertaining to visas, flights, and initial accommodation are out of the way. Now, you’ll need to start calculating how much money you need to live your daily life in Portugal. 

Let’s Move to Europe

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Average Rent for Different Types of Accommodation

While finding accommodation can be stressful to navigate sometimes, it is also one of the most exciting parts of relocating to your new home! 

This is the opportunity to find an apartment in your favorite neighborhood or city near amenities that matter to you. Trust us when we say Portugal has something for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for an apartment in Lisbon’s city center or a small dwelling in Alagrve’s historical town, there’s much to choose from. But these options do get taken up fast. 

Living in the city center will always be more pricey; you can expect to pay nearly €300 to €500 more for the same type of apartment. 

But, if you choose to live away from the city center, you can get a much better deal. Rent prices in Portugal can start from as low as €400 for a room, without compromising on the living standards. 

Accommodation TypeAverage Rent
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center€952
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center€726
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center€1,673
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Center€1,212

Estimates are from Numbeo (as of June 2024).

Buying Property: Average Prices and Associated Costs

A lot of expats end up buying a property in Portugal somewhere along their journey. Sometimes, it is before they decide to relocate and sometimes, it is after they’ve lived there a few months. 

As professionals in this industry, we do see more cases of the latter because they have a better idea of the neighborhood they’re looking for. 

However, it is not unusual to buy property before relocating permanently. If you’ve visited Portugal before, this decision will be easy to make. 

On average, property prices in Portugal are €1,478 per square meter. So if you’re looking to buy a 2-3 bedroom apartment, typically 100 square meter, it can cost you around €150,000 to €200,000 depending on the location. 

CityPrice per 100m2

Estimates are from Idealista (as of June 2024).

Groceries and Daily Expenses

Next up, when researching more about “How much money do you need to move to Portugal?”, the cost of daily expenses must be considered. 

While this is a value that fluctuates based on your lifestyle preferences and eating habits, we have some estimates. Typically, you can estimate that a couple without children can spend €300 to €400 per month on groceries. 

Bottle of milk€0.69/L
12 Eggs€1.99
Sirloin Steak€34.95/Kg
Chicken Breast€6.49/Kg
Beaded Lettuce€1.99/Kg
Six-Pack of Beer€6.30
Bottle of Wine€4.19
Bottle of Soda€1.02/L


You won’t have to worry about transport until later on in your journey. Most expats do not relocate with their cars. Taxes on importing cars are high, and it is often not worth it. Unless your car has sentimental value for you, a better decision is to sell it and buy a new one in Portugal. 

But here’s something interesting you should know! A lot of people actually don’t rely on cars for commuting, especially in bigger cities like Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve region. 

The country’s public transport system is efficient and is spread across the most populous regions to ensure accessibility. The metros, trams, trains, and buses offer a variety of options for daily commutes. As well as inter-city travel for work or leisure trips. 

For the first few days of your stay, you can factor in Uber or Bolt costs as you will still be familiarizing yourself with the public transport system. Bolt is usually cheaper and more accessible, with an average of €15 to €30 per ride. 

Type of TransportationCost
Bus ticket€1.60 to €2.50
Subway ticket€1.20
Monthly Pass (Bus + Subway)€40
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car)€30,000
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car)€33,930

Healthcare Costs

Public healthcare in Portugal is free for all legal residents, including all expats! 

However, many people prefer the fast experience of private hospitals. In that case, it’s best to have an annual health insurance plan that covers your requirements. 

There’s nothing to worry about because healthcare in Portugal is affordable, even in the best private hospitals.

Consultation in public hospitalFree of cost
Urgency in public hospital*€15 to €40
Consultation in a private hospital€40
Urgency in a private hospital€100
Average health insurance€700 per year for a 30-year-old

Financial Requirements for Visa Applications

The most important topic when asking “How much money do you need to move to Portugal?” is regarding the financial requirements for visa applications. 

It is essentially useless to apply for a visa without meeting the main financial requirements. Proving that you have sufficient means of subsistence already gives you a headstart when applying for a Portuguese visa. Or anywhere else, for that matter. 

Minimum Income Requirements for Different Visa Types

We’ll break it down for you. Here are the most popular visas to Portugal and their respective minimum income requirements! 

D7 Visa (Passive Income Visa)

As a Passive Income Visa applicant, you must be able to prove that you receive at least €820 as passive income per month. The value may change every year, based on the minimum wage. 

For every additional adult, you must prove 50% more passive income. 

So, to total up, if you’re moving with a dependent adult, you must show €1,230 per month in passive income. 


Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is by far the most expensive visa to apply for. Hence, it also has the highest financial requirements you must show in the bank account. 

Portugal’s Golden Visa has three main investment options: 

  • Donation to research or arts: €250,000
  • Investment Funds: €500,000
  • Business Creation: €500,000 + 5 jobs 

While a donation to arts is the lowest in value, it is a donation, and you will not be receiving any investment back. The perk, however, is that you and your family receive citizenship and a Portuguese Passport in 5 years. The most popular option is still the investment funds!

Digital Nomad Visa

The third most popular visa, the D8 Digital Nomad Visa to Portugal, requires that you prove an earning of €3,280 per month. Additionally, you will need to show proof of income for the past three months. 

This value is four times the minimum wage, and will be updated every time the minimum wage increases.

Summary of Total Estimated Costs

Let’s wrap it up and answer “How much money do you need to move to Portugal?” in a summarized way. 

This table provides an estimate of how much money you would need. But remember, this value may change based on your individual case and your visa type. 

Type of ExpenseCost
Visa Fee€90
Average Flight Ticket (One-Way)€600
Initial Stay Hotel Booking (2 Nights)€150
Average Security Deposit€2,000
Average Monthly Rent€1,000
Transport Costs (Per Month)€100
Health Insurance (Per Month)€60
Reserve Money In Bank€3,500

Based on estimates.

Do You Need Help Moving To Portugal?

We hope this article answered a popular question, “How much money do you need to move to Portugal?”.

Now that you’ve gotten all the estimates in order, it’s time to start your relocation journey! With Viv Europe, you’ve got all the help you need! Book a consultation with our experts and prepare to receive a full-service that makes your dream relocation come true. 

To learn more about Portugal or talk to expats who’ve been through the same, join our Facebook Group – All About Portugal For Expats. Read stories, ask questions, and be inspired. We’ll see you soon! 



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